Young The Giant - I Got chords

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I Got - Young the Giant

Tabbed by: Joshua Little

Tuning: Standard

This is my first song but I think its pretty accurate.
I figured it out by watching videos and by ear.
Since there are two guitars in the actual song there
ends up being some interesting chords when they are
compressed into one guitar.

The rhythm of the chords in the verse bounces back
and forth between the lower and upper strings of the chords,
with the Eb as a transition between the Ab and the Dbadd9(no 3rd).
The Eb chord in the progression passes by pretty quickly.
Listen to the video to get a feel for the song!

      Cm7    Bbm7    Ab	   Eb    Dbadd9(no 3rd)

Intro Part 1: x2
Cm7 Bbm7

Intro Part 2: x2
Ab  Eb  Dbadd9(no 3rd) Eb

Verse 1
Ab                       Eb          Dbadd9(no 3rd)         Eb
In the night where I live, there's a strange force in your kiss oh,
Ab               Eb                  Dbadd9(no 3rd)		Eb
All's divine, in desire
Ab                Eb       Dbadd9(no 3rd)	   Eb
With an ire of philosophy, burning scrolls in the naked heat
Ab             Eb          Dbadd9(no 3rd)	   Eb
Oh how coy, is your little boy?

        Cm7            Bbm7
Cause I know, it don't read that well, yeah

Ab      Cm7          Bbm7           Cm7	     Eb7
I got, buried. No it won't be long, before I rise in

Verse 2
In the night where I live, Your children sway they fuel the kitch.
Raise their glass to soviet cries in the ward, And in shadows.
Outright, in times of old, Fumes are falling, smell them burn,
Like always, yes always. Now here!

Cause I know it dont read that well.
And I know, only time will tell, me.

I got buried, no it wont be long, before I rise in.
I got! Oh Buried. Oh no!!!
Cause I know I got you!!
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