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Youthmovies - If Youd Seen A Battlefield tab

This is a really good song. I hope you like it.
 I might have got it wrong but comment me
with suggestions and i will correct it.

Intro - Guitar 1.

G|------0-----0-----0-----0-------0-------0-----0-----0-|   Repeat this how many times
D|------------------------------------------------------|   over. You can figure out the
A|--7-----7-----7-----7-----10------10------3-----3-----|    timing by listening to the
E|------------------------------------------------------|    song.

Guitar 2.

e|----------|   This is scattered throughout Guitar 1's part.

Guitar 2.

|--7-5--------|   This bit is at the end of Guitar 1's intro; listen to see how 
|------7-5----|   many times he playes it.
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