Zach Robinson - Vacation At Home chords

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Vacation At Home
Em	 G	D
Oh this life ya this life oh this life life life keeps rolling on.
Em	 G	D
All I see is red lights, blue lights, green lights. All the lights all the lights.
Em	 G	D
I donít know what it means I donít know I donít know what it means.
Em	 G	D
All I know is what I feel what I feel do you feel what I feel do you feel it now.

Am	 C
It takes time to find the one so I enjoy wasting my time.
Em	 G
I wake up on a Sunday morning to the sound of birds outside.
Am	 C	 G
I say todayís not a day where I have to worry no.
Itís my vacation at home.

What are you thinking when the last forty cents of gas counts slower than itís ever counted before.
I was thinking of you when you called on my phone and the numbers stopped counting oh lord.
I could chose to drive and drive til I find somewhere nice to be polite, set up and play my guitar.
But I find peace of mind in just staying inside and enjoying my day off.

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