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Zee Avi - No Christmas For Me tab

I would just like to say that I am very disappointed that there isn't a better version 
of this song out yet. So I figured I would make one. This is the way she played it in her 
most recent youtube video of it.

Capo 2

So the whole song is basically G (barred) Bm (barred) Am D7 but I will write out the 
finger picking for you also.

Verse and Chorus:


(This tab above goes through-out the entire song except for the bridge.)

No, there won't be Christmas for me this year
For the simple reason being you're not here

There won't be eggnogs by the cozy fire
There won't be glasses of mulled wine either
There won't even be a Christmas tree
'cause you're not here to light it up with me

Oh, Santa honey, won't you bring my baby back to me?
'cause i miss him, yes, i miss him oh so dearly

I haven't sent him his Christmas card
'cause that would mean we really are apart
The Christmas stockings are as empty as my heart


Am D7

g|----2---2---2---2---2---2---2--------| x4

I know you're away doing something good
But just this once, baby, if you could
You know you can, and you know should
'cause Christmas won't be Christmas,
with you
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