Ziggens - Call It Quits tab

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clark was at home brewing his own beer
and we were all amazed that he could steer
with hand in a sling 
        G            D
and his heart on his sleeve
then he backed the trailor up
and somebody yelled bottoms up
    Am                      G      D
and that just opens another can of worms
yeah its true we drive real crummy cars
but the ziggens they dont live too far
and after all
                          G                  D
you said you might not be right through with me

       C             D
Do you wanna call it quits?
        G         C
Are you tired and sick?
               D *let ring*     G,Bm,Am,G,D
Oh, baby do ya wanna... Call it quits?

We feared the talk of a backlash
so we took the wallets
and we emptied the cash
and where's a cop?
when you need one

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner's a loss
the snots with hairs
let's split the cost
and you can say
you got some musturd right here


Christmas came
and it went so fast
im glad we made the time last
we needed those times
to be fishing off the pier... IN HUNINGTON!!!

and when we got hoem we was amazed
at the counter top
and with all of us amazed
it dried itself
in the shape of a christmas tree

The Ziggens are a great band!
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