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Zox - Spectacle Girl chords

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Picking pattern for intro and verses:
C             G          Am       F

C              G             Am     F
god i love the way you wear your glasses
            C         G             Am          F
you got my glass half full now, my shades half pulled down
    C               G              Am     F
and i don't think i wanna think of anyone else
                C     G                Am     F          C       G
cause when your olive skin shines itís in my blood line
Am         F        C           G         Am          F
you know i wanna be yours

C                  G
but you won't even talk to me
about the intricacies
of your philosophies
C                  G
you don't think my intellect
could be so indirect
            F                       C          G      Am       F
what do you expect of me spectacle girl?

Same Chords throughout

so sit and smile and laugh and make me happy
letís spend the whole day, watching the freeway
there's nothing i would rather do on saturday night
then let my feelings smolder between your shoulders yeah
oh don't you wanna be mine?

am i so easy to ignore?
that you could shut the door?
and leave me on the floor?
iím trying to find a precedent
for all this mistreatment
but it don't make no sense
because you know all the right things to say
and i would never understand them anyway
we would make a wonderful world
me and my spectacle girl.
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