Zox - Leaving Me chords

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F              C
wake up in the middle of the night
G                      Dm                    Bb
the air is so heavy my head's screwed on too tight
                       F                  C
and in the glow of the christmas lights i watch you sleep
F                C
the hands on the cigarette clock are just
G            Dm                  Bb
time ticking away this love i've got
                  F            C
there's no way to make it stop before you wake

Bb            F       C
i know you're leaving me
                Bb             F             C
this is not the way that i was brought up to believe that it would be
Bb            F       C
i know you're leaving me
                     Bb                F
i'm running round in circles trying to figure out
just who i'm supposed to be

we go down to prospect park
to watch the light become the dark
and i don't think i've ever been this scared
outside as the yellow moon rises
i know this time it won't surprise us
but that don't mean that i will be prepared


Dm                      G
i'm so tired of writing sad songs
F                     Am  G
but my mind's on misery
Dm                        G
and i know there's time until you're gone
but i can't let it be
i can't let it be

fingerpick the following chords twice:
F (starting on 4th string)
F (starting on 5th string)


keep repeating the pattern Bb F C
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