Zurgi - Love You Anyway chords

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A C#m G F E 

A         C#m
Follow my footsteps
days are runnin'
kiss you honey
E         A
on lips,
talking to miss grace
G  F  E     A
in my place
she's such a loveface
G         F              E          A
broken TV makes you horny headaches,
sitting on cornflakes
G       F    E     A
breath, feel space,

take every way,
i don't wanna know i don't wanna miss the train
evening, pretty day,
rainin starts and i gotta hide my pain
searching for the grail,
put you down couse i have nothin to explain
someone called my name,
yes i gotta go, yes i'm allready came
love love don't you know
can't stop me anyway 

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