A Will Away – Home chords

[Chords]G C E C*e|-3----3----3----3-|B|-3----3----3----3-|G|-0----0----0----0-|D|-0----x----2----2-|A|-x----3----2----3-|E|-3----x----0----x-|
GIf I could bring you souvenirs
I'd still be living with the fear
Cthat I'm not half the man my father was
for driving up the coast
Eto get back home to cold Connecticut
to see the second sun
Cto bring good tidings of his hard work
reminders of his love
Gand I got a little taller
and they taught me how to read
Cand I worked very very hard for all the things that I've achieved
Ewhen I'm feeling like a failure
or feeling short on luck
CI've got a place to lay my head
a place where I can still be young
E C*and you said home
Chome is in my heart
E C*you said home
Chome is in my heart
Gwell I'm no knight in shining armor
just a rebel with a cause
Cwith too much focus on my network
too much focus on my flaws
Eand if I'm acting like a child
I don't think that's so aburd
C'cause I don't wanna lose that sense of fascination when I learn
E C*that you said home
Chome is in my heart
E C*you said home
Chome is in my heart
(Play this for the next 3 lines)e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|------0---------0-------0-------0------|D|----0---0-----0---0---0---0---0---0----|A|--3-------3/5-------7-------9----------|E|---------------------------------------| x3
you said home home is in my heart you said home
(End with this)e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|------0---------0-------0--------------|D|----0---0-----0---0---0---0--0---------|A|--3-------3/5-------7--------9---------|E|---------------------------------------|home is in my heart
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