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A Day To Remember – The Price We Pay tab

I saw the other tab on here and thought it was a bit incomplete, so I decided to tab 
I am at least 99% sure is right. There are a few chords that make this a lot easier to play 
I put them above the part that you play along with.



C9           G3       Asus7

D|-3-| D|---| D|-3-|A|-3-| A|-3-| A|-3-|F|-0-| F|-0-| F|-0-|C|-2-| C|-0-| C|-2-|G|-3-| G|-2-| G|-0-|C|---| C|---| C|---|
So heres the song.D|----3-----------| D|----3---------|A|------3------3--| A|------3-----3-|F|--------0----0--| F|--------0---0-|C|--2----------0--| X3 C|--2---------0-|G|3------------2--| G|0-----------2-|C|----------------| C|--------------|
Repeat 2X Verse: Okay for this part there are two guitars.
Lead:D|----------------------------------------------------------------|A|------12-15~-----------12-15~---------------12-15~--------------|F|11-12------------11-12---------12-11--11-12---------11-12-14p12-| X2C|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------------|C|----------------------------------------------------------------|
D|------------------------|A|------12-15-------15-12-|F|11-12-------11-12-------| X8C|------------------------|G|------------------------|C|------------------------|Then repeat first part twice
Rhythem (Acoustic): this part uses three different chords. The C9 from up top, E minor, and A minor. If you know the other two they are here...
Em AmD|-0-| |-0-|A|-0-| |-1-|F|-0-| |-2-|C|-2-| |-2-|G|-2-| |-0-|C|-0-| |---|
and for the verse play the chords in this order. C9, Em repeat that multiple times. Then at the end you play the Am and let the C9 ring. Figure out the strumming yourself. not really hard, just listen towards the end when there is only the acoustic guitar and So it looks like this...
D|-3-| D|-0-|A|-3-| A|-0-|F|-0-| F|-0-|C|-2-| C|-2-|G|-3-| G|-2-|C|---| C|-0-|
I just move my middle finger down a fret when switching between the C9 and Em. End with:
Am C9D|-0-| D|-3~-|A|-1-| A|-3~-|F|-2-| F|-0~-|C|-2-| C|-2~-|G|-0-| G|-3~-|C|---| C|----|
Tabbed by: Kevin Gruber (guitarskate37)
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