A Day To Remember – The Downfall Of Us All Acoustic chords ver. 2

Downfall Of Us All - A Day To Remember
Capo 2nd Fret, all chords are relative to capo's position.

DISCLAIMER: This is my acoustic rendition of it, not all parts are exactly like 
the song, but if played and sung, it will make sense.

Intro : C-Am-F (Listen to the rhythm)

CIt's not easy making a name for yourself
Am F CWhere do you draw the line? I never thought I'd be in this far
AmLet's have some fun and never change that for anyone
FTry not to miss me when I'm gone
Prechorus: Am G
FI sold my soul to the open road
Am F I live my life alone!
C G Am FYou wont find me at the same spot believe me
C G Am F I could never stop, my life's turned upside down
C G Am F C GMeet me out past the train tracks I'm leaving and not coming back
Am F EmYou're right and I was wrong
F CThis town will be the downfall of us all
*Repeat Intro + Verse + Chorus*
Bridge(is best shown as tab)e|----------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------6-5---------6-5----------6-5-----------------| G|--000000000------0000000------2222222-------------4-4-5---| D|--222222222--3-2-2222222-3-2--2222222-3-2-3333333---------|A|--333333333------3333333------0000000-----3333333-2-2-3---|E|------------------------------------------1111111---------|Play 4 times
Then Chorus x 2, then Intro riff x 4
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