A Day To Remember - This Sun Has Set tab

 So im 95.4% sure this is right, the other tabs that
 i found was just the intro so i tried to tab out the
 rest. I hope i did this song justice its a pretty
 good song.

Intro/verse 1
1st guitar

e -------------------------------------|B ---1--1-1--1--1--1------1--1---------|G ---------0-----0---------0-----------| X5D -------3----3----------3--3----------|A -2--3----3-----2--3--3-------2/3\2---|D -------------------------------------|
2nd guitar
e -1--3---------1--3------------1--3------------|B --1--3--1 X2 --1--3--1--3/6\5--1--3--1--3/6\5-|G ----------------------------------------------|D ----------------------------------------------|A ----------------------------------------------|D ----------------------------------------------|
2nd Guitar
e -----------------------------------------------|B 8-6--8-6--8-6--8-6--6-5--6-5--6-5--6-5--3/6\5--| X3G -----------------------------------------------|D -----------------------------------------------|A -----------------------------------------------|D -----------------------------------------------|
1st guitar 2nd guitar e XXXXX E 33333 B XXXXX B 33333 G 55555 G 00000 D 55555 D XXXXX A 33333 A XXXXX D 33333 D XXXXX Chorus 1st Guitar
e XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXXXX-XXXX--|B XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXXXX-XXXX--|G 5555-X-5555-X-7777-X-7777-X-9999-X-9999--|D 5555-X-5555-X-7777-X-7777-X-9999-X-9999--| X2A 3333-X-3333-X-5555-X-5555-X-7777-X-7777--|D 3333-X-3333-X-5555-X-5555-X-7777-X-7777--|
2nd Guitar Those are elevens and twelves.
e XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX------------------|B XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX------------------|G 9999-X-9999-X-111111111-X-11111111X-12121212-X-12121212--| X2D XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX------------------|A 7777-X-7777-X-9999-X-9999-X-10101010-X-10101010----------|D XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XXXX------------------|
Verse 2 Guitar 1
e XXXXX------------X-|B XXXXX------------X-|G 55555----------5-5-|D 55555------3-----5-|A 33333----3---3---3-|D 33333------------3-|
Pre Chorus 1st Guitar palm mute the whole thing. 2nd Guitar
e -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B -8-6-5--8-6-5--8-6-5--3/6\5--8-6-5--8-6-5--8-6-5--3/5\3--8-6-5--8-6-5--8-6-5--3/5\5--|G -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus Bridge 1st Guitar
e XXXX----XXXX-X-XXXX-XX-X-X--|B XXXX----XXXX-X-XXXX-XX-X-X--|G 9975----9999-X-9999-99-7-5--|D 9975 X2 9999-X-9999-99-7-5--| X2A 7753----7777-X-7777-77-5-3--|D 7753----7777-X-7777-77-5-3--|
2nd Guitar
e XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XX-X-X-----------|B XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XX-X-X-----------|G 11111111-X-12121212-1111-9-7---| X2D XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XX-X-X-----------|A 9999-X-10101010-X-99-7-5-------|D XXXX-X-XXXX-X-XX-X-X-----------|
Ending 1st Guitar
e X--X--XB X--X--XG 9~-7~-5~~D 9~-7~-5~~A 7~-5~-3~~D X--X--X
2nd Guitar
e X--X--XB X--X--XG 11~-9~-7~~D X--X--XA 9~-7~-5~~D X--X--X
/ slide up \ slide down ~ let it ring X palm mute And here's the lyrics INTRO This sun has set on your heart chances for redemption and i have forgotten your name and i thought it'd be easy to move on completely forgetting what was real and what was PRE CHORUS Forget the past dont for once think your better than what i have youre the reason i never trusted anyone X2 CHORUS Just to forgive wouldent make me as happy as it would to hate just to forgive is so much more than you are worth PRECHORUS Think the time i spent well so do i and you tore my life apart single breath you could've cared less if i was dead if i was dead CHORUS Just to forgive wouldent make me as happy as it would to hate just to forgive is so much more than you are worth BRIDGE You care so much about yourself that it makes me sick to think of you do you think how much i lost for you. Have fun and enjoy!
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