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Price We Pay
A Day To Remember

Tuning of Drop C (CGCFAD)0:04Acoustic GuitarD|---3-------| D|-----3-----|A|-----3---3-| A|-------3---|F|-------0-0-| x3 F|---------0-| x1 <-----Repeat intro twiceC|--2------0-| C|---2-------|G|-3-------2-| G|-0---------|D|-----------| D|-----------|
Repeat this as many times as you see fit but I do it only 2 time before the vocals come in.
0:33Acoustic Guitar C/G Em/GD|-3-| D|-3-| These 2-|A|-3-| A|-3-----------| chords playedF|-0-| F|-0-----------| with up and downC|-2-| C|-2-----------| strokes, you playG|-3-| G|-2-----------| this part 3 timesD|-0-| D|-0-----------| through.
A/G C/GD|-3-| D|-3----------| These 2 are playedA|-3-| A|-3----------| once and sound likeF|-2-| F|-0----------| the change in theC|-2-| C|-2-| intro--|G|-0-| G|-3----------|D|-x-| D|-0-|
Repeat this chord sequence until 2:00 then the piano leads off. These chords are played to the same general motif of the intro and to the same rythm and tempo.
Electric Guitar0:33-1:00D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------15-----------------15------------------15---------------|F|----11-12--------------11-12-----12-11-----11-12----------12/14\12-| x2C|-12-----------------12------------------12-------------12----------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|C|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Listen very closely for the C|12 and where it comes in. The C|12 can be left out but it does add some texture to the piece.
1:00-1:30D|------------------------------|A|-----------15---------15------|F|----11-12------11-12------12--| x8C|-12---------------------------|G|------------------------------|C|------------------------------|
This part may be difficult at first but it is really fun to play when you get it.
1:30-2:00D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------15-----------------15------------------15---------------|F|----11-12--------------11-12-----12-11-----11-12----------12/14\12-| x2C|-12-----------------12------------------12-------------12----------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|C|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
You play this riff twice more then let the piano play it out.
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