A Day To Remember - All I Want chords version 2

Song: All I WantBand: A Day To RememberTuning: StandardChords: C#m Badd9 C#add9 A B E Cadd9 Eadd9 A* B*e|--4---2-----4-----0--2--0--3-----7----5--7--| Key: / = slideB|--5---2-----4-----2--4--0--3-----7----5--7--| * = same note G|--6---4-----6-----2--4--1--5-----9----6--8--| different D|--6---4-----6-----2--4--2--5-----9----7--9--| fingeringA|--4---2-----4-----0--2--2--3-----7----7--9--|E|--4---2-----4-----x--2--x--3-----7----5--7--|
Intro: C#m Badd9/C#add9 A B X2 Verse:
C#mI'm always screaming my lungs out, till my head starts spinning.
A B C#mPlaying my songs is the way I cope with life. Won't keep my voice down.
A B C#mKnow the words I speak are the thoughts I think out loud. I like to keep things honest.
A B C#mI'm a safe bet like your life's staked on it. For real. I'd hate to keep you all wondering.
A B I'm constant like the seasons, I will never be forgotten, man.
A ELet's leave no words unspoken
B C#mAnd save regrets for the broken.
A E BWill you even look back when you think of me?
C#m EAll I want is a place to call my own,
BAnd mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone
A Bwhoa, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low.
C#m Badd9/Cadd9 A B Keep your hopes up high and your head down low.
- C#m Badd9/C#add9 A B - Verse:
C#mStill got something left to prove. It tends to keep things moving.
A B C#mWhile everyone around me says my last days are looming overhead, but what the hell
do they think they know?
A BMy head's above the water while they drown in the undertow.
Pre-Chorus Chorus X2 Bridge: C#add9 Cadd9 Badd9 Eadd9 X3 - A* B* X2 If you take it from me, Live your life for yourself. Cause when it's all said and done you don't need anyone else. Come on! Verse:
C#mSo let's get back to when everything seemed perfect.
A BNot a worry in the world, so tell me was this all worth it?
C#mI get what I want, so everyone's always judging me.
A BI'm not afraid of anything, I've got the whole world in front of me.
Chorus x2 Outro: C#add9 Cadd9 Badd9 Eadd9 X3 Keep your head down low. Keep your head down low.
A* B* C#m Keep your hopes up high and your head down low.
This is my first tab/chords, so I hope this is somehow usefull for you ^_^
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