A Fine Frenzy - Blow Away chords

Capo on First Fret

Without Capo:   
                      Em= Fm 
                      C= Db     

1st Verse

G EmOne of us is gonna be here and
G EmOne of us is gonna be running
G Em G DOff alone into the great unknown
G EmYou're not me, you're a model of freedom
G EmAll you need are your kicks when you need 'em
G Em G DCome and go, caught that slow alright
G With one hand off the side
D We get farther away in the blink of an eye
G DAnd it's the time we waste
Em G Swallowed into space
G D It's the time it takes to blow away
CTo blow away
CTo blow away
2nd Verse: same as the first!
G EmHey, hey you, yeah you gotta be leaving,
G EmSay what you want, what you say, say anything
G Em G DNo one knows just how deep it goes
G EmWe are old in your teenaged tyranny
G EmAnd all you need is a hunger to feed
G Em DI've got my own secrets though, say what?
G With a heart full of mess and lore
DWe are doomed but we wanted more
G DIt's the ride we take
Em G The many winged escape
G D CIt's the bough we break to blow away
C To blow away
C GAnd we blow away
One of us is now retreating You knocked me down so hard I'm seeing a thousand stars Come out where you are 'Cause I won't ever be caught crying And I will not be taken lying down It blows into smoke It's the ride we take The many winged escape It's the bough we break to blow away To blow away And we blow away
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