A Fine Frenzy - Devils Trade chords

F, Dm, F, Dm

F DmUnder the night gown
F DmAnd over the skin
F DmTurn all the lights out
Gm CAnd let us begin
F DmGather this fallen
F DmBird to your breast
F DmShe'll sing you a song
Gm C FIf you take her to bed
Dm Bb FOooh, the Devil's Trade
Dm Bb FFreedom for a taste
Gm Bb FThe apple had the price of a snake
Gm BbAnd I will pay
F, Dm, F, Dm As soft as a door mouse Untangle our limbs A kiss on the knee And now you're, gone with the wind Everything's different And I don't belong I'm cold as a kitchen
Gm CIn the breaking of dawn
BbAnd though it hurts
FTo breath
[G#] Bb FI die before I'd leave
Oooh, the Devil's Trade Freedom for a taste The apple had the price of a snake And I will pay
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