A Fine Frenzy – Avalanches chords

I figured this out kind of by accident... It's probably not completely right but it worked for me :)! I'm a kinda proud.. Never figured chords out before lol.

My strumming pattern is Down Down Up Up Down Up and repeat :)
http://www.youtube.com/user/MissKarc/ if you want to see my cover!

A Fine Frenzy - Avalanches

Capo 2

I just stay on G

GWe found ourselves on top of a mountain peak
GThe air was thin as a beggar's sleeve
C GThe city lights were miles away
GThe hush was as thick as your winter coat
GAnd you wrote our names in the morning snow
C GWith the fallen twigs and berries saved
Am Well, don't be scared of avalanches
CTucked up in my snowy branches
GI will
GOh I will
GOh I will
Am C GI will keep you safe
Stay on G
GThe sun is overhead and you lift your face
GUp to the sky and you sing this place
C GThe sweetest song it's ever known
GThen slowly the deer and the rabbits crept
GOutside to hear, the grizzlies left
C Their great big teeth and their claws
GAt home
AmDon't be scared of avalanches
C GTucked up in my snowy branches, I will
AmAnd look how well the gray wolf dances
CYou bring light and second chances
GI will
Oh I will Oh oh I will Oh oh I will Oh oh I will Yes, I will I will I will Keep you safe The ending I find difficult to figure out... Mess around with those 3 chords and you should find a way that works for you!! The way I play it is a bit different. If you want to see my cover I will be uploading it to YouTube very soon!
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