A-ha - Cosy Prisons chords version 1

A beautiful song which is very straightforward to play... 

Standard tuning, Capo 1 to replicate the key used on the recording


Bm  G  Bm  G  Bm  G  Bm  G

Verse 1

Bm ATake a moment if you dare
G BmCatch yourself a breath of air
G GbmThere's another life out there
BmAnd you should try it
Verse 2 =======
Bm ADead ends hide on every street
G BmLook before you place your feet
G GbmCracks and fissures keep the beat
BmAnd you're inside it
Refrain 1 =========
BmEvery thought you never dared to think
GEvery mood you always knew would sink
BmEvery line you spoke out loud in a jest
GAll the time you took to be your best
BmSoon forgotten
G Bm G Verse 3 =======
Bm AThe sun must never touch your skin
G BmIt could expose the dark within
G Gbm BmYou're paranoid a-bout the para-noia
Bm AAnd panic hits with-out a sign
G BmYou worry about it all the time
G Gbm BmEvery perfect moment is a hidden warning
Refrain 2 =========
GCuz everything makes your pretty head spin
BmAnd nagging thoughts are starting to sink in
GWith everything this way it's better to forget
Bm AThan end up in a place with something to regret
Bm G Bm G Verse 4 =======
Bm AYour transatlantic shopping spree
G BmYour health forever guarantees
G Gbm Bm Or-ganic bio life's a breeze in cosy prisons
Bm ABut hiding out in the salad bar
G BmIsn't gonna get you far
G Gbm BmAnd bottled wine is vinegar to-morrow
Refrain 3 =========
GEverything around here makes your pretty head spin
BmIts piling up high and you're back where you begin
GMoments you have tried so hard to forget
Bm AAre promising to have been the best ones yet
Refrain 4 =========
BmEvery time you shut your eyes it appears
GEvery time you trace your steps back here
BmNone of your convictions have the same old ring
GNo doubt you found a place for everything
Bm/EIn cosy prisons
G Verse 5 =======
Bm A So if you're careful
G BmYou won't get hurt
G GbmBut if you're careful all the time
Bmthen what's it worth
----------------------------------------- I hope I've done it justice! Kevin O'Brien Watford England June 2011 watfordkev@gmail.com
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