A Rocket To The Moon - Baby Blue Eyes chords

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Intro: G, Cadd9, Em, D

                       G        My eyes, I know, go blind without her 
                   Cadd9the way she moves I never doubt her
              Em                                                   when she talks she somehow creeps 
             Dinto my dreams 
           G She's a doll, a catch, a winner
         Cadd9I'm in love and no beginner
               Em.Could ever grasp or understand just 
               Dwhat she means 
GBaby, baby blue eyes 
Cadd9.                     EmStay with me by my side 
                                         DTill the morning through the night
G.                                       Cadd9Baby, stand here holding my sides 
                              EmClose your baby blue eyes
                             DEvery moment feels right
          Dsus And I may feel like a fool
                    D (let it ring) But I'm the only one dancing with you
G, Cadd9, Em, DOhhhhh 
GI drive her home when she can't stand
Cadd9I'd like to think I'm the better man
           Em.                                                         For not letting her do what she's been 
               Dknown to do
GShe wears heels and she always falls
Cadd9So let her think she's a know-it-all
             EmBut whatever she does wrong it seems 
    Dso right
       DMy eyes don't believe her but my heart 
swears by her Chorus. 
G, Cadd9, Em, DOhhhh 
D(can't get you out of my mind)
GI swear I've been there
Cadd9I swear I've done that 
Em.                      DI'll do whatever it takes just to see 
those Chorus x2
GMy eyes, I know, go blind without her
                   Cadd9The way she moves I never doubt her
                EmWhen she talks she somehow creeps 
             D (let it fade) into my dreams.  End! :)
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