A Rocket To The Moon - Like We Used To tab version 4

this is my 2nd submisson on UG.com.. pls rate, be it good or bad, just rate according to 
your own judgment, bcoz rating my works would really allow me to check on the parts 
which i need to improve and whatnot... :D


E|--------------------------------|B|--2(let it ring)/3(let it ring)-|G|--------------------------------|D|--------------------------------|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
(let all bass strings ring; that is, E,A,and D strings) (verse enters DIRECTLY after the 2 slide to 3 at B string) VERSE: D - F#m - Gm(hold)- Bm - A - Gm (2x) PRE-CHORUS: Em - D - A (2x), hold A on 2nd time CHORUS: D - F#m - Gm - Bm - A D - F#m - Bm(strum once) - A(strum once) - Gm(strum once) POST-CHORUS:
(the one above is the lead, while the one below is the alternate rhythm version) D - F#m - Gm(hold)- Bm - A D - F#m - Gm(hold)- D - A BRIDGE: Gm - D(or Bm, im not rly sure, both sounds good XD) - A (imma use power chords for ease; just use normal chords from other compositions if you either 1:dont like power chords, 2:can't do power chords, or 3:want normal, full sounding chords than awesome, easy-to-shift power chords :D, either of the two is good) PROGRESSION: INTRO VERSE PRE-CHORUS CHORUS POST-CHORUS VERSE PRE-CHORUS CHORUS BRIDGE CHORUS OUTRO(same as INTRO) at the last chorus, when you get to the part "would you do all these things" you go single strums on Bm and A, then hold on Gm. same is true at the "...like we used to" pm me for comments/suggestions at jack_jackington1212@yahoo.com.ph OR i_am_not_james@yahoo.com please rate, huh :D
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