A Rocket To The Moon - Baby Were Invincible tab version 2


this is the bridge part... and by bridge, i mean the part that goes, "will you just hold me tight and never let me go? i know this whole thing's wrong but baby we're invincible.." that repeats.. here it goes... btw, this is just the lead.. because i dont hear any rhythm guitar.. xD
just do this over and over until chorus :D outro:
E|------14----|B|--------12--|G|------------|D|----13------| (x4)A|--14--------|E|------------|
hope you like it :D for comments/suggestions, pm me at jack_jackington1212@yahoo.com.ph OR i_am_not_james@yahoo.com or drop by my UG account.. rock on.. ARTTM.. \m/
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