A Rocket To The Moon – Forever And Always chords ver. 2

===============================================================================------------Reconstructed by: Dichoson, Lenard B.-------4/10/2012--------------===============================================================================
***Chords,Tabs, and Lyrics : ***Note: I dont memorize the name of the chords so I might change thier names with the other chords they look alike, but dont worry they're very familiar to you and I made a chord chart. ***Important: Follow the chord chart given. Standard Tuning. Capo 1 G - [320033] G2 - [x32033] D - [xx0232] Em7 - [x22033] Dsus - [xx0233] Band: A Rocket To The Moon Song: Forever and Always ***CAPO 1 (...start the counting from the capo) ***verse 1: strumming ~ palm mute
G2Once upon a time
G D G2I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught your eye
G DWe caught onto something,
G2I hold on to the night
G D G2 DYou looked me in the eye and told me you loved me
***verse 2: plucking ~ same chords. please follow these: *** start at [...seems to me..]
(..strumming starts here until "...I stare...) e|---3----3----3----2--< r >----3----3-----2--------------------------|B|---3----3----3----3--< e >----3----3-----3--------------------------|G|----0----0----0--2---< p 3x >-----0----0--2--2-------------------------|D|--2----2--------0----< e >---2----2---0-----------------------------|A|-3----3-----2--------< a >--3----3----------------------------------|E|-----------3---------< t >------------------------------------------|
Were you just kidding cause it seems to me This thing is breaking down we almost never speak I don't feel welcome anymore, Baby what happened please tell me Cause one second it was perfect and now you're half way out the door ***pre-Chorus:
G2And I stare at the phone
GHe still hasn't called
D Em7And you feel so low you can't feel nothing at all
G2 G D-Dsus-DAnd you flash back to when he said forever and always
G2 GAnd it rains in your bedroom everything is wrong
D Em7It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone
G2 G D-Dsus-DCause I was there when you said forever and always
***verse 3: plucking (same of v 2)
e|---3----3----3----2--< r >----3----3-----2-2-2-2--------------------|B|---3----3----3----3--< e >----3----3-----3-3-3-3--------------------|G|----0----0----0--2---< p 3x >-----0----0--2--2-2-2---------------------|D|--2----2--------0----< e >---2----2---0-----------------------------|A|-3----3-----2--------< a >--3----3----------------------------------|E|-----------3---------< t >------------------------------------------|
Was I out of line Did I say something way too honest That made you run and hide like a scared little boy I looked into your eyes; thought I knew you for a minute Now I'm not so sure
***verse 4: (..strums again)e|---3----3-|T|---3----3----3----2--< r >----3----3-----2-------------|B|---3----3-|A|---3----3----3----3--< e >----3----3-----3-------------|G|----0----0|P|----0----0----0--2---< p 2x >-----0----0--2--2------------|D|--2----2--| |--2----2--------0----< e >---2----2---0----------------|A|-3----3---|4|-3----3-----2--------< a >--3----3---------------------|E|----------|X|-----------3---------< t >-----------------------------|
So here's to everything Coming down to nothing Heres to silence That cuts me to the core Where is this going, thought I knew for a minute But I don't anymore ***pre-Chorus: do the same ***chorus: do the same ***bridge:
Em7-D-G2You didn't mean it baby
Em7-D-G2I don't think so
DOhhh ohhhh
***solo: tab ~ coming soon :)---just do chords: G2-G-D-Em7-G2-G-D ***verse 5: palm mute
Em7 G2 D Oh back up, baby back up, did you forget everything
Em7 G2 D G2 DBack up, baby back up, did you forget everything
***chorus: do the same ***pre-Chorus: do the same ***chorus: do the same
Em7-D-G2You didn't mean it baby,
Em7-Dyou said forever and always
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