A Thousand Times Repent - Complete Relinquish Utter Abandon chords

The original key is in F#, not G... so as a guitarist you'll want to drop
tune down a half step. On a piano it's way easier to play in F#, and this
song sounds better in F#, so the tuning should be down a half step.

This was a bit difficult to transcribe because for one his voice is loud and
it's hard to hear the piano, and it sounds like he's using a lot of 
non-chord tones. That said, listen to the song while playing it to try to 
get some of those non-chord tones he's using, as well as his positioning. It
also seems like he's using a lot of open fifths, something to be mindful of.

I'm sure this isn't perfect, so if someone has a better ear for it there 
might need to be some corrections!

G D/F#So here I am broken open.
G D/F# Am Am-add9 Am Emptied of myself, of my regrets.
G D/F# G D/F# Am Am-add9 Am You said you'd soon return, so I'll light a fire, guard the flame and let it burn
G D/F# So here I am broken open, yours alone.
G D/F# C C7Await the day for you to come, to go back home.
G7 D/F# C C7 C So please don't you tarry long, in your presence is where I want to belong
G7 D/F# C C7 CSo please don't you tarry long, here I am letting go, yours alone
G D/F# G D/F# Am Am-add9So here I am broken open. Yours alone, yours alone Lord.
G D/F# Am Am-add9 AmThis is me, broken open. Yours alone
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