A - Springs tab

The Springs - A
Tabbed by Paul Cosgrove (victimoftherevolution@hotmail.com)

E Asus2 C#m7/E Dsus2 C|-0-------0---------0----------0-------0--||-0-------0---------5----------3-------1--||-1-------2---------4----------2-------0--||-2-------2---------6----------0-------2--||-2-------0---------4----------X-------3--||-0-------X---------X----------X-------X--|
Intro:Lead:E|-2h4-------------|B|---------5h7-----|G|-----4h6-----4h6-|D|-----------------|A|-----------------| (repeat until start of verse 1)E|-----------------|
Rhythm: E Asus2 E Dsus2 (x1) E Asus2 C#m7/E Dsus2 (x2)
Verse 1:Lead: E Asus2 C#m7/E Dsus2 (rhythm chords for timing)E|-0---0-2:--------0---0-2-0--------|-0---0-2:--------0---0-2-0--------|B|---0-----------0---0-------0:-----|---0-----------0---0-------0:-----|G|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|A|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|
Rhythm: E Air on the streets, lights under trees, Asus Eight days a week, singers disease, C#m7/E I wanna be where the sun hits the sky, Dsus2 I wanna be there, it's out of your mind, E And I believe in the secrets you're keepin', Asus2 I wanna piece of the air when I breathe in, C#m7/E I wanna be the gold underneath your stream, Dsus2 Having a moment, you know what I mean
Pre-Chorus:Lead: C D (rhythm chords for timing)E|-2h3p2-0-------------------|-2h3p2-0-------------------|B|---------3-0-0-------------|---------3-0-0-------------|G|---------------2-0---------|---------------2-0---------|D|-------------------2h4p0---|-------------------2h4p0---|A|---------------------------|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|---------------------------|
Rhythm: C D Oooooh, and it's a blue sky, C D In the headlights, and the headlines C D It's a new day, for a new wave, C It's a perfect moment B Oh!
Chorus:Lead: BE|-7-7-7-7-6-6-|B|-------------| (x2)G|-------------|
Rhythm: B For movin' out, B E For a moment in the Springs Verse 2: (Lead & rhythm guitar as verse 1) Out of my way, Berlin to LA, I wanna stay here and never go home again, I wanna be the grass underneath your feet I wanna be the shops on your high street, And I believe in the secrets you keep in, I wanna be your alarm when you sleep in, I wanna be the one you can be around, I wanna be the one who can make you proud (Pre-chorus; Chorus)
Bridge: Asus2 B Asus2 B Asus2 B Asus2E|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|-5h7p5:-2-0:--7-9-5h7p5:-2-4:--7-9-5h7p:-2-0:--7-9-5h7p5:--|G|-----------------------------------------------------------|
Bb F BbE|---5-1-------5-1-3:----5-1-3:----5-1:-|B|--------------------------------------|G|-3-----3:--3---------2---------3------|D|--------------------------------------|
(Prechorus; Chorus)
Outro:Lead:E|-2h4-------------|B|---------5h7-----|G|-----4h6-----4h6-|D|-----------------|A|-----------------| (repeat to *)E|-----------------|
E Get a voice, and don't get a doctor, Asus2 That's your choice, nobody can stop ya, C#,7/E I wanna be the one you can be around, Dsus2 I wanna be the one who can make you proud, E Got a job, I don't got no pension, Asus2 In it for love, money's too tight to mention, C#m7/E I wanna be in the rockin'est city, Dsus2 I wanna do what I want if it kills me, E I have to say, your home's what you make it, Asus2 It's ok, I know when you fake it, C#m7/E I wanna be the gum on your train seat, Dsus2 I wanna stand up and walk on my own feet, E I wanna be the one you can be around, Dsus2 I wanna be the rock underneath your ground, C#m7/E I wanna be the one who can make you proud, E I wanna be the one you can be around *E I wanna be the one you can be around I wanna be the one you can be around
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