A - Shut Yer Face tab

			     SHUT YER FACE - A
Tabbed by: Ali Hendrix

I thought I tab out I know, because there isnt any tabs for shut yer face yet, and it is a good song. 

Drop D Tuning (DADGBE)

Intro/ Main Riff e|-------------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------| B|-------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-3-3--3---| G|-----------7-7p6h7-|-----------------|---------7-7p6h7-|-2-2--0---| D|-------6\4---------|-----6-4---------|-----6\4---------|-0-0--2---| A|---2---------------|-2-------0---0-0-|-2---------------|-0-0--3---| D|---2---------------|-2-------0---0-0-|-2---------------|-0-0--0---|
Play twice
Verse: E5 e|-------------------| B|-------------------| G|-------------------| D|-------------------| A|---2---2-2---2---2-| D|---2---2-2---2---2-|pm------| |--------
So come out fighting etc.
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