A1 - Heaven By Your Side tab

Heaven by your side - A1
From the album:"Here we come"
Tabbed by:Ryan B. Albert

Verse1: A E You and I cannot hide D The love we feel inside Bm E The words we need to say A E I feel that I have always walked alone D But now that you're here with me A D There'll always be a place E That i can go Refrain: D A Suddenly our destiny C# F#m Has started to unfold D When your next to me A I can see the greatest story E A Love has ever told Chorus: A E Now my life is blessed D With the love of an angel E A How can it be true? E D Somebody to keep the dream alive E F#m The dream i found in you G#m I always thought that love would be A D The strangest thing to me E But when we touch i realize D E A-E That I found my place in heaven by your side Verse2: A E I could fly,when you smile D I'd walk a thousand miles Bm E To hear you call my name A E Now that I have finally found the one D A Who will be there for me eternally E My everlasting sun (Repeat Refrain then Chorus)
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