Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody chords

I've been watching you
BbLike a hawk in a sky
AThat flies, and
Dm you were my prey (my prey)
Boy, I promise you
BbIf we keep bumpin’ heads
Gm A DmAnd you know that one of these days (days)
We gone hook it up
BbProbably talk from the phone
Gm A DmBut see I don't know if that's good
I've been holdin back
BbThis secret from you
A DmProbably shouldn't tell you but if I
DmIf I let you know
BbYou can't tell nobody
AI'm talkin bout nobody
DmAre you responsible?
BbBoy I gotta watch my body
AI'm not just anybody
DmIs it my go, Is it your go
BbSometimes I’m goody goody
ARight now I’m naughty naughty
DmSay yes or say no
BbCause I really need somebody
ATell me are you that somebody
BbWon't you pick me up at the park right now
AUp the block while everyone
DmSleep, Sleep, Sleep
I'll be waitin there
Bb Gm AWit my trench, my lugz, My hat
DmJust so I’m low key
If you tell the world
Bb ADon't sleep, you know that we’ll be weak
DmOh Boy,
See I’m trusting you
Bbwith my heart, my soul
I probably shouldn't let you but,
DmIf I let this go......
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