Aaron Carter – Im All About You tab

Im all about you
Aaron carter
Transcribed by Stephen Obbus of Sogod Leyte..
Dedicated to Radinna Mae Nablea

Tuning: Standard

Intro: C-G-Am-G|------3-----1------0--------------0-------1-------3------1-------0-----------------||----------------------------3---------------------------------------------------3--||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------||------3-----------------------------------------------3----------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse1: F G Am There's somethin' I've got to say F You're always with me G Am Even though, you're far away F G Am Talkin to you on my cell F Just the sound of your voice E Makes my heart melt Am G Oh girl, well it's true Chorus: C I'm all about you G I'm all about us F No baby, you never G Have to question my love C And every night G there's a new crowd F G But it's always you I'm singing about Am There is only one F Dm These words are going out to G C Oh girl, I'm all about you
Verse2: (Do the same chords on verse1) I know you worry sometimes Some other girl will Make me forget you're mine There's not a doubt in this world That anyone could take The place of my number one girl It's true (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Bb When I close my eyes I can see you C It´s like your right here Bb And this feeling only getting stronger C Your with me everywhere (Repeat Chorus 1 Fret Higher) Questions and suggestions: E-mail: rhen_steph@yahoo.com Cell no.: 09155499854
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