Aaron Lines - Living Out Loud chords

Capo 1

1st Verse:
A D A DI'm tired of living in this bubble
A D A DSo today I'm changing everything
A D A DMy dream's been buried in the rubble
B C# DIt's time to set it free
DNo more keeping quiet
EThis life inside of me
D A I'm gonna start living out loud
E B My soul's been dying
D A To scream and shout
E B And shatter the silence
D F#mIt's a beautiful sound
G# A When each moment counts
DStarting right now
A D A DI'm gonna start living out loud
2nd Verse:
A D A DI'm not breaking any new ground
A D A DAnd I didn't reinvent the wheel
A D A DI'm just a man who finally figured out
B C# DWhat he really needs
D So I'm turning up the volume
E Of this song inside of me
Repeat Chorus: Bridge:
F#m EAll my demons, I have fought 'em
F#m EMy inhibitions, I have lost 'em
B DIt wasn't easy but I taught 'em
ETo just get out of my way
F#m ENow every breath I'm breathing
F#m EThe air is so much sweeter
B Now that my heart
D EHas finally found a way
Repeat Chorus
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