Aaron Lines - It Takes A Man chords

Capo 1

DShe locked her fingers and bowed her head
Bm GShe said I'm late, and I'm really scared
DYou can go but I hope you stay
Bm G I'm gonna keep it either way
D G D In my daddy's El Camino, in her driveway in the rain
D A GStaring through the windshield I could see my future change
A D G BmAnd my heart hit like a hammer and my thoughts were running wild
A G D Any fool can make a baby, it takes a man to raise a child
I laid my head down on the wheel She said I know, I know, it don't seem real She closed her eyes, but the tears flowed through She said don't hate me for lovin you Chorus Bridge:
Em Well I could not reassure her
D/F#I couldn't say what I had planned
GI couldn't put three words together
A Asus2 ASo I just took her hand
Chorus It takes a man
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