Aaron Pritchett - Consider This chords

Capo 3 

G C D Things don't always work out like you plan
G C D But you can't let that hold you back from trying again
G C D I've been falling for you, you need not fear
Em C D I've got this proposition I think you should hear
C D Consider this, living life together
C D Consider this, seeing the world
C D Consider this, building a home of our own
Em C A front porch, picket fence and three kids
Am D G Girl, you and I can't miss Consider this
Every day is a new day, take it as it comes There's a world out there waiting, seize it and run You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain Won't you please consider what my heart has to say Chorus Bridge:
C D We can watch every sunset
C D Every storm rolling over the shore
Em C Through the good and the bad, girl, we'll have all of that
Am D This could be everything you dreamed of and more
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