Aaron Shust - Rest In The Arms chords

Rest In the Arms
Aaron Shust 2009(c)

D Asus A Asus A 
Bm7 Em7 Em6

D                                     Asus
A Bm7When you turn the other cheek. When you cannot speak,
Em Em6Of the bitter sweet, The bitter sweetness.
D Asus When the floor gives out beneath,
A Bm7And everything that you believe, Cannot bring you peace.
Em7 Em6You're broken inside, Broken in pieces.
Chorus: (2x) You can
DRest in the arms of the one who holds you
ARest in the arms of the one who knows you
Bm7 GRest in the arms of the one who won’t let go
Verse 3
D Asus When the water starts the rise
A Bm7 And you've lost the will to fight When you're losing light,
Em7 Em6Just close your eyes, Close your eyes now
(Chorus) Bridge
Em Bm7 AHave no fear
Em Bm7 AI'll be here
(Chorus) it's my first post enjoy
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