Aaron Shust – Wondrous Love chords ver. 2

The first version was transposed to fit a female voice, so this is in the original 
key along with a ton of corrections. Credit for the skeleton of this goes to 
heartoftheearth for the first version.

Wondrous love
Aaron Shust (ft. Kari Jobe)

When I play this song acoustically I like to use these variations/structures but feel free to do the traditional structures. C Am7 F(Csus) Ge | 0 -- 0 -- 0 -------- 3 |B | 1 -- 1 -- 1 -------- 3 |G | 0 -- 0 -- 0 -------- 0 |D | 2 -- 2 -- 3 -------- 0 |A | 3 -- 0 -- 3 -------- 2 |E | x -- x -- x -------- 3 |
Am F C That You would leave Your throne
Am F CAnd make this world Your home
Am F CForsaking majesty
C GEmbracing mundane
FAll of its shame
Am F C You walked our dusty streets
Am F CHealing a world in need
Am F CYou look into the eyes
C GOf sinners like me
FSetting us free
C What wondrous love is this
AmWhat wondrous love is this
F C GThat You would lay aside Your glory for my soul
C What wondrous love is this
AmWhat wondrous love is this
F G CThat You would lay down Your life for my soul
Am F C Enduring agony
Am F CYou bore the cross for me
Am F CBetrayed by those You love
C GYou took all our blame
FBearing our pain
AmThey nailed Your feet
FThey nailed Your hands
C GYou are the God who understands
AmYou know rejection
FLoss and grief
C GYou loved a world that nailed you to a tree
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