Aaron Tippin – My Blue Angel tab

Aaron Tippin - My blue angel
from: K.Bee.Baba

Am C
Dm   A#   F
Dm   C    F

F                          Dm
Somewhere out there in the smoky air
          A#       C    F
Where the night is neon blue
F                            Dm
Surrounded by strangers, she don't know the dangers
    A#                   C
One drink could lead her to
    A#                 C
And if she falls, it's all my fault
    F                  Dm
For doin' a good woman wrong
I can't be far behind her
Oh, lord, help me find her
  A#                C
Before my angel is gone

  Am      C      Dm        A#       F
* Looking for my blue awoo-whooawoo angel
                    A   A#            C
  The same one that flew from my arms last night
  Am      C      Dm       A#       F
  If you see my blue awoo-whooawoo angel
              A#                 C                   F
  Tell her that heaven without her feels like hell tonight


Last night when she left i told myself
That she wouldn't go too far
Now i'm not so sure how long her tears
Could last in a stranger's arms
She's wounded i know and feeling so low
She could fall at anytime
I don't know what i'd do if i were to lose
That precious angel of mine


Dm   A#                         C
Yes, tell her heaven without her feels like hell tonight

Am C Dm  A#   Gm   F
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