Aaron Watson – When All Those Aggies Move To Austin chords

When All Those Aggies Move to Austin : Aaron Watson
Album: A Texas Cafe

Capo: 1

G D CYou'e the devil's daughter in disguise
G D CSo don't try to hide the fire in your eyes
D C GGirl you must be stupid cause you just don't have a clue
D C DEven hell frozen over is warmer than my love for you
G D CWhen all those Aggies move to Austin
G D CAnd Beaumont is covered in snow
G D CWhen the wind don't blow in Amarillo
C D GDarlin' then you can come back home
G D CYou sure can shake your little round behind
G D CBut your hour glass figure won't buy you my time
D C GYou know how to work it Lord knows it's worked before
D C DThis time you leave your butt will have the imprint of my front door
F G When Fort Worth is east of Dallas
F GAnd Texans forget the Alamo
C D G D/F# EmWhen Lubbock opens up a ski resort
F DAnd the Brazos is straighter than an arrow
C D/F# EmBut don't hold your breath
C D G Then you can come back home
Gig'Em Aggs - '12
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