Abandon – Hero chords ver. 2

Verse 1
C Am CHe walked the dirty streets, famous for nothing, He said come follow me and
Am C Am Cthey came. A face like all the rest, But something was different,the Son of God
AmWill lead the way.
Dm GAnd soon they all would say.
F G Am C F G AmThere he goes, a hero, a savior to the world, Here He stands with scars on his
G F G Dm C F Ghands. With love He gave His life so we can be free the savior of the
Verse 2 (same as verse 1) He spoke with clarity, walked across the sea a single word would calm the storm His touch could heal the sick, but he was called a hypocrite. Laid behind the stone. His death was shortly mourned. He left the curtain torn Chorus Bridge
Dm Am CHe chose to take the cross shed tears for the lost the broken and the needy
GForgiving those who were and will be
Dm Am C GThe angel made it clear He told them have no fear Hes not here Hes not here
Chorus For repeating use the chords F G Am and just keep on repeating
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