Abba – Knowing Me, Knowing You tab

Knowing Me, Knowing You by Abba

Intro:   D   Em( x79987)    Em (022000)   G (355433),   G   A (577655)

                D                 Em                  Em7  Bm7                 F#m7
VERSE:   No                more               carefree              laughter

D      Em               Em7  Bm7                  F#m7
Silence                 ever                   after

     Bm                                                                                    A
Walking      through    an   empty    house    tears   in   my   eyes

G                                                                                  Bm
Here   is    where   the   story   ends,   this   is   goodbye

                                     G                                                A
CHORUS:  Knowing         me              knowing                you

There         is          nothing           we          can              do

                             G                                       A
Knowing            me             knowing               you

We            just         have           to            face         it

                     D                     G                    A
This           time               we're             through

       D            F#m                               G                      A
Breaking         up         is     never        easy       I        know

                                 D            G              A
But               I          have         to           go

                    D                            Gmaj7                          A
Knowing        me         knowing        you    it's      the   best    I   can   do.

(guitar harmony solo):    D        Bm      F#m          G            A

Bm            A                 Bm             A

Gmaj7: xx0002
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