Abba - Angeleyes chords version 1

TITLE: Angel Eyes
Lyrics and Chords

Capo the second fret.

A       002220
F#m     000222
Bm7     x24432
E       x22100
B7      224442
E7      x20100

Bm  A  Bm A  E 

A F#mLast night I was taking a walk along the river
Bm7 E AAnd I saw him together with a young girl
F#mAnd the look that he gave her made me shiver
Bm7 E A E'Cause he always used to look at me that way
F#m E A EAnd I thought maybe I should walk right up to her and say
F#m B7 E E7Ah-ha-ha, it's a game he likes to play
ALook into his angel eyes
A EOne look and you're hypnotized
A Bm7 E E7He'll take your heart and you must pay the price
ALook into his angel eyes
A EYou'll think you're in paradise
A D AAnd one day you'll find out he wears a disguise
E7 A Bm7 EDon't look too deep into those angel eyes
AOh no no no no
Sometimes when I'm lonely I sit and think about himAnd it hurts to remember all the good timesWhen I thought I could never live without himAnd I wonder does it have to be the sameEvery time when I see him, will it bring back all the painAh-ha-ha, how can I forget that name
{Refrain} {As Refrain} Crazy 'bout his angel eyes Angel eyes He took my heart and now I pay the price Look into his angel eyes You'll think you're in paradise And one day you'll find out he wears a disguise Don't look too deep into those angel eyes Oh no no no no
Ah-ha-ha, ah-aaaahAh-ha-ha, ah-aaaahAh-ha-ha, keep thinking, ah-aaaah
Keep thinking 'bout his angel eyesAh-ha-ha, keep thinking, ah-aaaahKeep thinking, I had to pay the price
Bm A {Repeat to fade}
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