Above The Golden State - I Am Loved chords version 2


B: 2-2-4-4-4-2
B(alt): 7-9-9-8-7-7
E: 0-2-2-1-0-0
E(alt): 7-7-9-9-7-7
C#: 4-4-6-6-5-4
F#: 2-4-4-3-2-2

Intro:  B -> E -> B -> E ->

(verse 1)
BI didn't think this could happen to me
EI wanted the easy road
BI had my parade, but it started to rain
EAnd now it looks out of control
(pre-chorus 1)
C# E F# C#Why do I feel like Your hiding?
E F#Oh remind me again
(chorus 1)
BI am loved
F#I am Yours
C# EI have someone beside me, I can't deny
BI am loved
(repeat intro) -> (B -> E) x2 (verse 2)
B ESometimes we go to sleep wishing that we could be different then who we are
BChasing our dreams has taken it's toll on me
EI tried just a little too hard
(pre-chorus 2)
C# E F# C#And I, I keep beating myself up
E F#Oh remind me again
(chorus 2)
BI am loved
F#I am Yours
C#I have someone to find me
E BSomeone to guide me home
(chorus 1)
F# B(alt)I am loved
F#I'm not alone
C#I have someone beside me
E(alt) B(alt)And I can't deny I am loved
B(alt)Your not far away (x3) (echo)
C# E(alt)Maybe your driving out there on the highway
B(alt) F#Feels like your out on your own
C# E(alt)Let me remind you God never left you
B(alt) F#He's right there wherever you go
(chorus 3)
B(alt) (hold)You are loved
F#You're not alone
C#You have someone to find you
E(alt) B(alt)Someone to guide you home
F# B(alt)You are loved
F#Your not alone
C#Cause God is beside you
E(alt) B(alt) And He won't deny you are loved
C#Cause God is beside you
E BAnd He won't deny you are loved
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