Absynthe Minded - Moodswing Baby chords

Artist: Absynthe Minded
Title: Moodswing Baby
Album: Absynthe Minded (2009)
Tab by Joewoud

Standard tuning; listen to the song for the rhythm.. you can prolly find it lingering 
on youtube. All the fills are a bit too much to my taste, but the melody's superb! One of 
best bands Belgium has to offer.

[Intro]: / Am Dm / (4x) It takes just a second And everything is changed She's got a mindset And sees things her way We go to the movies She walks out halfway The plot couldn't move her She's got no time to waste / Am Am7/G Dm Am G / (2x) [Chorus] She never said I am the one I gotta do the best I can She changes her mind overnight Sometimes when i look into her eyes I know what makes it all worthwhile / F Am F E Am G Dm / [intro fill] (4x) She's my moodswing baby She's at it again Never a dull moment And I can have it I cannon resist her She's under my skin And I'm here to please her She's here to win [Chorus] [intro fill] (4x) She's my moodswing baby (x3) And it don't mean a thing if it aint got that swing / Am Dm / (4x) [intro fill] (4x) [Chorus]
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