Abyss - Feasting The Remains Of Heaven tab

The Abyss' "Feasting the Remains Of Heaven"
simplified for one guitar, TAB separated into the parts
to make the perception easy
 also I must say that I'm not sure in rightness
of riff 2, may be someone will teach me? :)

riff1:part 1: 5-4444444444444444444444555555555555555555555555555555554444445555-part 2: 4-4444444444444444----------------5555555555555555----------------- 6-----------------7777777777777777----------------7777777777777777-
riff2:part 1: 5-22222255555544224444------------44444477777755554444444444444444- 6---------------------552222222222---------------------------------part 2: 4-------------------------------------------------4444444444444444- 5---------------------000000000000--------------------------------- 6-------77777777775555------------7777777777777777-----------------transcribed by Elan (Sergey A. Peretyagin)
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