Ac Dc - Cold Hearted Man chords

It's Begin With: E G D D C AThe whole song is so til you came to
the last verse cos it's are only E and A
E G DNo one knew where he came from he never knew himself
D C ACall her ma call he pa but he was born to someone else
E G DNo one fooled or messed him around
D C DCause they were all afraid
E GAint no lies
D C AIce in the eyes of Leroy Kincaid
E G DCold Hearted Man
D C AOne Time Lover heart in his hand
E G DCold hearted man
D C AAnd you can not trust nothing you don't understand
E G DCold Hearted Man
D C ACold Hearted Man
Verse 2 Same like the first one Chorus same like the frist one
E Asometimes you can't see it
EThe other Side
EIt's too well Hidden
EFor the naked eye
EOne Time lover
EWith his heart in his hand
E Two Time Loser
E Broken man
E G DCold Hearted man
D C ACold Hearted man Reapets 6-7 Times
Thanks and Hope you like the Song and Chords
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