Ac Dc - Dt tab

From the CD Who Made Who,
And the Maximum Overdrive soundtrack.

Written by : Angus and Malcolm Young
Tabbed by : Adam Parrish (

Tuning : Standard

Fill 1|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||---5--5--3--5/---8------5--2------||---5--5--3--5/---8--8---------3---||---3--3--3--3/------8-------------||----------------------------------|
Fill 2|----------------||----------------||---5--5--3--5---||---5--5--3--5---||---3--3--3--3---||----------------|
Fill 3|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||----------5-------------------3-------------||----------5---------3---------3---------3---||----------3---1-----3---------1---------3---||---1--3----------3--1---1--3------1--3--1---|
Fill 4|----------------------||----------------------||---------5--5--3--5---||---------5--5--3--5---||---------3--3--3--3---||---1--3---------------|
Order : Fill 1 (x4) Fill 2 (x4) Fill 3 (x2) Fill 4 (x1) Fill 2 (x2) Fill 1 (x4) Fill 2 (x1) Fill 1 (x10) (Really quiet)
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