Ac Newman – Secretarial tab

The chords are played as powerchords throughout.

Main riff:e|---0--2-4--0-----------|b|-------------3--3--2-0-|g|-----------------------|d|-----------------------|a|-----------------------|e|-----------------------|
Intro: E Main riff x 2 Verse: E One day you blew across the water after racing through the countdown, G Spewing ancient wisdom like your friends the revelations had come, B And they were looking for me. E I took the red-eye back to glory but the more I got the facts straight, It turns out that the story's getting shorter, G B And what I want to know is: will it happen to me? Chorus: (riff 2 below) A B E Can't take them out, can't take them out with baby artillery. A B Can't take them out, can't take them out, E A B E A B Lady, it's secretarial. Secretarial. (riff 3) Riff 2: Riff 3:
e|-------------------| e|---------|b|-------------------| b|-5----s0-|g|-------------------| g|---------|d|-7-7-xxxx-9-9-xxxx-| d|---------|a|-7-7-xxxx-9-9-xxxx-| a|---------|e|-5-5-xxxx-7-7-xxxx-| e|---------| A B E A BMain riff x 2
Verse: We've been divided, we've decided it's a problem we can live with, The motion to defeat it is repeated, And what I want to know is: will it happen to me? So come on, let the son in, we've been gunning for promotion, Postering the slogans on the roadsigns, But I want to know when it happens to me. Chorus Break: Main riff x 4 Chorus(repeat "secretarial" twice) Main riff x 2
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