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From: (Maxi Schultz)
Subject: TAB: Accept: Amamos La Vida

Some time ago someone was looking for Accept Tabs.

I just figured out some tabs from "Amamos La Vida" from the "Objection
Overruled" album.
It's not perfect, because the main solo and some harmonies are missing,
but as I am not very practised in tabbing I think it is ok.

The "P" means Pull off, and the "H" : Hammer on. (Sounds logically)

The basic chords scheme is following:

Bm  D  A  Bm
Bm  D  Asus4  A
Bm  E  A  Bm
G  A Bm

the picking is quite simple I think, just sweeping the chords...
At the end of the last line he plays this:

The last line is also the pattern played at the chorus. This is the first solo (if you can call it solo).
The lyrics and the chorus are always the intro pattern. at "Is there someone to...." he plays something like this: D A D D A Bm D A D A Bm I think it's wrong, but I am not sure, please correct me.... That's all folks.... bye Maxi ------------------------------------------------------ * Maxi Schultz | 85375 Neufahrn | Germany * * ------------------------------------------------ *
* | Rage on IRC ** ------------------------------------------------ *## CrossPoint v3.02 ##
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