Acceptance - Different Acoustic tab

			     Different (Acoustic) - Acceptance
Tabbed by: Jeff Sorensen


Tabbed from AOL Sessions. Watch for fast chord
progression in verses.  This song is actually
played with 2 guitars and a piano, but this is
pretty close for one guitar I think.


Tuning: Standard, Capo 1st fret

Chords used:  

Dm Asus Am Em F G C Fmaj7 Am/Fe|---1-----0-----0-----0-----1-----3-----0-----0-----0-----|B|---3-----3-----1-----0-----1-----3-----1-----1-----1-----|G|---2-----2-----2-----0-----2-----0-----0-----2-----2-----|D|---0-----0-----2-----2-----3-----0-----2-----3-----2-----|A|---0-----0-----0-----2-----3-----2-----3-----0-----0-----|E|---0-----0-----0-----0-----1-----3-----0-----0-----1-----|
Intro: Dm - Asus - Am - Em Verse 1: Dm Asus-Am Em Tell myself on the ride home, Dm Asus-Am Em Getting tired of hating all I've known, Dm Asus-Am Em Holding on like its all I have, Dm Asus-Am Em Count me out when its clear that I, F G Find it hard to say, F G And you, find it hard to care... Chorus: C Am/F G I wanted to see something thats different, Fmaj7 C Something you said would change in me, Am/F G Wanted to be anything different, Fmaj7 Everything you would change in me... Verse 2: Dm Asus-Am Em Got this way up front but never true, Dm Asus-Am Em God im wrong it's just the way I am, Dm Asus-Am Em Crashing down any chance of it, Dm Asus-Am Em Caving in any chance that you, F G Can see inside of me, F G And I, I'll know what to say, F G It's fine this isn't hollywood, F G So fine getting in your way... Chorus Bridge: Fmaj7 - C - Am/F - G (2x) c Am/F I'm taking a chance, G This could be different, Fmaj7 C This could be all I'm waiting for, Am/F Taking a chance, G This could be different, Fmaj7 This could be all im waiting for... Chorus | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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