Ace Enders And A Million Different People - When I Hit The Ground tab version 1

Band: Ace Enders & A Million Different People
Song: When I Hit the Ground
Album: When I Hit the Ground
Tabbed By: Matthew Florio;

Capo 3 in Standard Tuning

G 320033
Cadd9 x32033
Em 022033 or 02x033
D xx0232
Dsus2sus4 x02233 *instead of this chord you may use the D or Dsus xx0233

I have seen Ace Enders play this song this way acoustic. I hope you all enjoy and if you 
any questions or comments.. contact me! Much Love!

G    Cadd9                 Em
I... leave, the broken parts of me

G                     D
In the hallway where I wait

Cadd9    G              D
So if you leave this town

Cadd9                 G
Cut Me deep so you can see

Em              Dsus2sus4
everythings not what it seems

Em         D               Cadd9
Come down, Im always around
          Em         D              Cadd9
So if you fall down, Im always around

*After the bridge play the D chord to lead into the Prechorus followed by the Chorus

G    Cadd9   Em    D
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