Ace Frehley – Shot Full Of Rock tab

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Shot Full Of Rock
by Ace Frehley
from the album Trouble Walkin'
Tabbed by James Lee (

Here's a song from guitar god Ace.  I'm not too sure about the intro so
I put in two possibilities.  I didn't tab the solo, sorry...

Tune down 1/2 step

PM = palm mute
b = slight bend and release
^ = legato (hammer-ons and pull-offs)
T = right-hand tap

Lead up to the intro with E5 chords


Here's the easy way to play it:

P P M M-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|---9-----12-12-------9---------------------|---9-----12-12-------9---------------------|---7-----10-10-------7----5^7-5------------|-0------0--0----3b-0------------5-3--3b-0--|
|_______| (double these five notes an octave higher) P P M M-------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|---9-----12-12-------9---------------------|---9-----12-12-------9---------------------|---7-----10-10-------7----------5----------|-0------0--0----3b-0------5-6-7---7-6-5-3--|
Here's another way to play it: /-- Attack these two open strings with your fingers each time |
---0-----3--3--------0--------------------|---0-----3--3--------0--------------------|---------0--0-----------------------------|---------0--0-------------0^2-0-----------|--------------------------------0---------|-0-------3--3---3b-0--------------3--3b-0-| |_______| (double these five notes an octave higher)
Verse: G5 Bb5 C5 Wake up Jack get ready G5 Bb5 A5 Here we come to rock this town G5 Bb5 C5 Hold on tight and steady G5 (pick noise) Over under sideways down play second half of the intro here G5 Bb5 C5 You must feel the power G5 Bb5 A5 Fix your eyes upon the stage G5 Bb5 C5 Watch us now devour G5 (pick noise) Everything that gets in our way play second half of the intro here Interlude:
PM throughout--------------------------------|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|-----5-----6-----7-----8-----9--|---4-----5-----6-----7-----8----|-3-----4-----5-----6-----7------|
Chorus: play 5th position A pentatonic minor leads over the chords A5 G5 Your fascination with my creation A5 G5 D5 Adds stimulation rock til you drop A5 G5 Hard rock nation lost generation A5 G5 D5 End the frustation get shot full of rock * Get shot full of rock get shot full of rock
* = use this chord: ----- --8-- --7-- --6-- --7-- --0--
Here's the rest of the lyrics: Taste the hard rock candy Guaranteed to melt in your mouth Jump back now Jim Dandy East west north and south Catch the rush all over Take a chance if you dare Ain't got time for posers Look out Dick you better beware Before the chorus, play the interlude bit twice. The second time should be really fast. The chords at the end of the solo are: E5 D5 E5 D5 A5 The outro chords are: B5 A5 B5 A5 E5 And the little lead part that gets repeated over and over at the end is:
T T T T----------------------------------------------------------|-7^9^10-12-----7^9^10-12-----7^9^10-12-10^9^7--7^9^10-12--|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|
I'm not sure if it's supposed to tapped. If not, play the seventh fret on the first string in place of the tapped notes.
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