Acid Mothers Temple – Dark Stars In The Dazzling Sky tab

This song might be in Drop D, its hard to hear but he uses that tuning a fair amount.

e----------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------12+-|G--7/9-9-9-99-9/10-10/9-9-7--7/9-9-9-99-9/10-10--12+-|D--5/7-7-7-77-7/8--8 /7-7-5--5/7-7-7-77-7/8--8---12+-|A--0---0-0-00-0----0----0-0--0---0-0-00-0----0-------|E----------------------------------------------------|
Thats the riff that is played for 80% of the song, after that guitar 1 plays
e-0-----|B-1-----|G-2-----|D-3-----|A-3-----|E-0-----| This Chord (I Know it sounds ugly but i think its right)
and guitar two plays
e-------|B-------|G-7-----|D-5-----|A-0-----|E-0-----| This Chord
The solo sounds like hes using the phrygian mode and the Augmented Scale for Most of it, but if you freak out enough it'll sound right.
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