Acoustic Alchemy - Relaxation tab

This is just the intro for first guitar.... I am working on the rest of the song, so 
give me a little more time. Also, if anyone could please help to finish out the tab for 
song, that would be great. Thanks ~

e -7-9-5--x--3----x-2-0-----x-|B --------x-3-----x-----3---x-|G --------x-------x---------x-|D --------x-------x---------x-|A --------x-------x---------x-|E --------x-------x---------x-|
e -7-9-5--x--3----x--2-0-------x-|B --------x-3-----x-----3-2-0--x-|G --------x-------x------------x-|D --------x-------x------------x-|A --------x-------x------------x-|E --------x-------x------------x-|
e -7-9-5--x--3-----x--2-0-----x-|B --------x-3------x-----3----x-|G --------x--------x----------x-|D --------x--------x----------x-|A --------x--------x----------x-|E --------x--------x----------x-|
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